*Spray Tanning* 

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bridal packages, mobile services and tanning parties done outside of studio

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*Cruelty free

*100% Vegan

*100% Natural DHA

*100% Mineral Oil/Sulfate/Palm Oil/Paraben FREE

*Made with antioxidant-rich botanicals

*NO fake tan smell/orange results

*NO streaks

*NO tan lines





*Parties of 5 & Up

Before Spray Tanning-How To Prepare

1.) Exfoliate/scrub your skin, from face to toes, 24 hours before your spray tanning appointment 

-Focus on any dry areas: elbows, knees, back of ankles, cuticles, feet and any area that is rough to the touch.

--This is an extremely important part of your spray tanning process!

-The main ingredient in self tanners (DHA) can only adhere to the top layer of your skin.

-Exfoliating 24 hrs before your spray tan, will ensure it absorbs evenly, deeper and lasts longer.

2.) Remove any self tanning products/old spray tan residue 

-A fresh canvas is always the best way to start your tan building process!

-Layering different products can result in a blotchy finish and discoloration.

-To achieve your BEST, most natural sun kissed glow-you will want to come in with fresh,

clean skin.

-This will also help you build your best shade that's perfect for your actual skin tone.

-Any products that "remove self tanner" are best to be used 24-48 hrs before your appointment.

3.)Shaving and/or waxing should be done after exfoliating and 24-48 hours before your spray tan.

-This will allow your pores time to close and avoid dark spots from settling into your pores, making your tan look uneven.

4.) Avoid using high pH body products, oil based products, bar soaps, deodorants  and body washes that contain a lot of "moisture" 24 hrs before your appointment.

-These products create a barrier between the tanning spray and your skin. Your tan may not develop as well if applied to skin with a layer of moisture on top. 

-For best results, make sure your skin is exfoliated, clean and dry.

5.) This goes for the face as well

-Washing and exfoliating your face thoroughly the night before, and applying an oil free moisturizer will help yield the best, most even results.

6.) Protect your nails/toenails

-If you do not wear nail polish, you may want to consider applying a clear coat the night before to protect the nail bed from absorbing the tanning solution.

-You can remove the polish after your tan if you prefer.

The Day Of Your Service

1.) Avoid applying makeup, deodorant, perfume and oil based moisturizers the morning of your appointment.

-This may cause an uneven tan as a result.

2.) Oil free moisturizers are safe to use on dry areas only

(knees, elbows, feet, cuticles, back of ankles and any known dry patches where the tanning solution could settle into the skin)

3.) Try not to wear jewelry.

-You will have to remove it while being sprayed and you don't want to put it on after, as the solution can settle and cause discoloration on the skin.

-It's best to wait until the tanning solution has settled and you've showered, at least 4 hours after your tan, to put your jewelry back on.

4.) Bring a hair tie to tie your hair in a bun 

-A plastic protective hair cap and bottom of the feet protectors will be provided for each appointment


-Nail polish

-Lip balm

-Protective eyewear, nose filters and nipple covers-(optional-You can bring your own or purchase from me directly)

-Dark, loose fitting clothes-preferably cotton

-Flip flops

-Bikini or dark undergarments (if you do not choose to tan nude)

*NOTE-tanning with an undergarment/bikini will cause "Tan lines"



-Tight, constricting clothing


-White, light colored clothing

-Bra, sports bra



-Tie up shoes


1.) Allow tanning solution to dry for a full 5 minutes before getting dressed

-After your spray tan is finished, allow your skin to dry and absorb your tanning products fully.

2.) Allow 1-4 hours for tan to fully develop before immersing yourself in water of any kind.

3.) If possible, take a less than 5 minute, lukewarm shower after 1-4 hours of receiving your service to wash away the surface bronzer

-Soap is not needed at this point and it's best to just use water.

-Hot water will prevent your tan from deepening in color.

-Avoid taking a hot shower until at least the first 24 hours have passed to help preserve your tan.

-After this light shower, gently pat your skin dry, do not scrub

-It is only after washing off the surface bronzer during this first light shower, can you proceed to wear your clothing of choice and not have to worry about staining clothes or sheets.


4.) A full shower/bath using shower gel/soap can be had after 4-5 hours of receiving your service.

-Be mindful not to scrub your skin during or after the shower.

5.) Your tan will deepen over the next 24 hours

-During the first 24 hours after your spray tan, it's best to avoid using a loofah, exfoliating gloves, scrubs, shampoos/shower gels with heavy detergents/sulphates.

-All of these items/ingredients will stop your tan's development before it has a chance to deepen fully.

6.) If at all possible, avoid sweating/exercising for at least 4 hours after your tan.

7.) Avoid chlorine/swimming pools.

This will break your tan down, fast.

-Waiting 24-48 hours is best but if you can go longer, a full 5 days is recommended.


-Keeping your skin moisturized will help lock in your color and extend the duration of your tan!

-Remember to use moisturizer after every shower while your skin is still damp and your pores are still open.

-Also, it's a good idea to apply lotion if you notice your skin looking dry at any time throughout the day.

-For best results and a longer lasting tan, you will want to moisturize DAILY!

9.) Face Care

-Using products that contain enzymes, oils, AHAs and chemical peels on the face, will break down your tan.

-It's important to keep up with your regular skincare routine, just be mindful your tan will fade a little each time you use products with these ingredients.

10.) Use your Spray Tan as a base

-Don't forget to apply your SPF, but developing deep base color will enhance any tan you get while being out in the sun.

It's the best combo for glowing, summer skin, all year round!