*There is a non-transferable, no-show protection deposit required to

book ALL appointments, new and returning clientsGroupons included.

*Deposit required:

*Appointment(s) up to $60-the deposit is $30

*Appointments $60-$99-the deposit is $60.

*Appointments $100 & up will be half of your total in services.

*For all services $100 & up, you can round up or down to the nearest dollar if your total is an odd number.

For example, if your total is $137, your deposit can be $68 or $69.

*Your deposit must be paid via my private Venmo, CashApp, Zelle or Cash upon booking your appointment.

*I will then contact you with a request to accept your deposit.

*The appointment will not be secured until a deposit is received and could be booked by another client if they send their deposit first.

*The appointment will be declined if your deposit is not received at the time of booking your appointment.

*If you are a returning client, please just add an emoji in the memo section of your deposit payment.

*Your deposit will go towards the total cost of your appointment.

*If you have a balance due, it must be paid by the end of your appointment, before you leave.

*If you are using a Groupon voucher, your deposit can also be used towards a tip/gratuity.


*Any remaining balance will be returned to you the same day of your scheduled appointment.

*If you choose to leave a tip/gratuity in cash, the full deposit will be returned the same day of your scheduled appointment.


*Please try to arrive early to your appointment.

*I provide the exact address and location to my suite in the *CONTACT* section of my website. (Click link to see)

*Please see that BEFORE coming in and be sure you have mapped out exact directions to my location.

*I am not available to take calls or answer texts during my work hours because I am usually booked with back to back appointments.

*Please do not contact me 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment asking for directions.

*If you are late, you will have to reschedule.

*Please note, I do not take breaks in my day so this leaves NO wiggle room for any late arrivals.

*I understand things happen, such as traffic jams and accidents.

That is why I recommend planning to arrive early, checking traffic and planning your day before coming in.

*Any late arrivals will be result in the forfeit of your deposit and you will have to reschedule with a new deposit.


*I require a 24hr reschedule/cancellation notice for ALL appointments.

*Your deposit will be held if you reschedule up to 24hrs before your scheduled appointment and applied to your next scheduled appointment.

*To reschedule your appointment, make a new appointment and let me know which appointment(s) to cancel in the notes section on the booking page.

*It can be difficult for me to fill your spot with another client in such short notice.


*This also allows for other clients to book their appointments in a timely manner.



*You will receive a full refund on any deposit(s) if you cancel up to 24 hrs before your scheduled appointment.


*You will not be refunded your deposit if you cancel within 24hrs of your scheduled appointment. NO exceptions.


*Again, it can be difficult for me to fill your spot with another client in such short notice.

*To make a new appointment, you will have to leave a new deposit and will be subject to any new pricing.



Life happens, we get it! However, if a no-show does occur, please know that your FULL deposit will be forfeited and you will have to leave a new one for all services paid in full upon booking your next appointment(s)


After 2 no-shows, you will not be able to make another appointment. 


NO exceptions will be made. 



*Please try to arrive a few minutes early for your appointment


*If you arrive early, please come upstairs and have a seat in the waiting room.

You can text me to let me know you are here


*I am usually with clients so please hang tight until I reply.

*Please note, I do not answer calls during work hours so texting is best.

*Please note ALL footwear must be left outside my studio door.

*You are welcome to bring a bag for your shoes and socks to wear while in my suite if that makes you feel more comfortable.




*Please do your best to arrive freshly showered with your body, feet and Brazilian areas free of any unpleasant odors.


*If I feel as if my ability to work will be compromised due to a lack of proper cleanliness on your behalf, I will ask that you reschedule your appointment for a later date.


*I do also provide baby wipes, Victoria's Secret body spray and lotion to all clients upon request.

*Please feel free to ask for these items if you feel you need them.

*Yes, you can still get waxed if you are mid menstrual cycle as long as you are wearing a tampon. 


*Getting waxed during your cycle, when pregnant or while taking birth control, may mean extra sensitivity during the service but it is usually mild and manageable. 

*Everyone is different, but keep that in mind when scheduling your appointment(s)


*All Groupon vouchers can be purchased one time per person, per service. 

*A 2 Brazilian voucher cannot be split between 2 people.

*The vouchers are an intro price for first time clients ONLY.

*If you have ever had the service done before, a second voucher will not be redeemed.

*You are welcome to keep your appointment and pay full price for services rendered.

*If you are a returning client, the vouchers will not be redeemed.

They are for first time clients only.


*I cannot redeem expired vouchers.


*Because of this, I ask you to keep note of when they expire to avoid missing out on your paid services.


*Groupon will issue a full refund for any unredeemed vouchers within 3 days of purchase.

*After 3 days, you will receive full credit to use your money paid towards anything else on Groupon.


*Please contact Groupon directly with questions on refunds, I DO NOT handle any of that for you.

*Please provide your scan code number when booking your appointment.

You can leave this information in the notes section when you make your appointment along with a contact number and deposit info.


*Have your scan code ready for me to scan before coming in for your scheduled appointment.

*I recommend taking a screenshot or printing it out.

*Sometimes the service in the building will come in and out so it takes longer to load when you are there.

*Having it ready will help process your appointment faster.


*Tips are not required but they are very much appreciated.

*As for the Groupon, I receive a percentage of whatever you paid for the voucher.

*That's correct, I do not receive the amount you paid and I do not receive it right away.

*This is why it's an intro price for new clients only.

*Aside from being a kind gesture for a job well done, tips help to supplement the difference in the sale price.

*If you are unsure what is appropriate for a $55 Full Brazilian,

the average is $10.

*Other than that, anywhere from a minimum of 15-20% of total original pricing for services is customary.

*I do not accept credit/debit cards so all tips can be paid in cash, Venmo, CashApp and Zelle upon completion of services.

Thank you for your cooperation and consideration😇🙏🏼♥️