I wanted to post some changes that have been made to my business due to the affect COVID19 has had on all of us and the precautions we have to take in the work place going forward.

I felt it was best to have all the information and new STATE GUIDELINES in one place so you can refer back to them at any given time.

I have a printed copy of this in my suite, however, I encourage you to read this before coming in because time is limited while inside the suite/building.

This is also to let you know what to expect when coming in for your appointments so we can all be prepared.

I will be wearing a face mask/shield, sanitizing in between each client and after the work day has finished, as usual.

By working together, we can help each other stay safe and healthy.

I am expecting everyone that is coming in for a service does not have COVID19, or has not had, or been around anyone who has had, any of the following symptoms as of recently, specifically within the last 2 weeks:



-Shortness of breath

-Difficulty breathing


-Muscle and/or body aches


-New loss of taste and /or smell

-Sore throat


-Runny Nose







When you arrive for your appointment, please have a seat in the waiting area until I finish with my current client.

Before entering my suite, I will be passing a no contact thermometer over your forehead to make sure you do not have a fever.

If you do, I will ask that you reschedule your appointment(s).

Temps of 100.4 & up will be rescheduled after 14 days. You may return after 14 days and a doctor’s note with a negative COVID19 test result.

 This will be done for every appointment.


I do have face masks available for purchase if you do not have one with you, they are $2 each.

All footwear will be removed and placed outside my suite door before entering.

I do have carpet in my suite so you are welcome to go barefoot or bring socks, that is up to you.


Hand Sanitizer is available to all clients at any time.

Only ONE person is allowed inside my suite at a time to receive services.

If you bring a guest, they are welcome to wait for you in the waiting area.

No kids, family, friends, pets...etc in my suite during services.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to text me at any time.

I thank you in advance for your cooperation and consideration and I look forward to seeing you all again!!!

Please stay safe, healthy and blessed🙏🏼